Terms of use

About Abusive Behavior

HAF is a site for members to share and comment on each others posts. Interacting with other members with respect and civilityis mandatory. We do not tolerate abusive behaviour from any user in our community and it is basis for immediate account termination.

Most forums and sites, for instance, will ban users if they’re using the platform or site for bullying other users, and unauthorised web scraping.

Contribute in a regular basis

As in other community it is important for members to participate by contributing with pics and videos . You are not required to post daily but members have to make new posts regularly or they will be banned.

Comments are nice but are not enough to keep the membership status.

Do not share HAF Content on any other place

Another reason for having a terms and conditions agreement is to disclose and protect your media from leaking to other sites.

If we catch users leaking content, we will ban them at once.

Not allowed content

Finally, you should have a terms and conditions agreement to inform users which content is not allowed in HAF.

  • Child pornography
  • Under aged content
  • Male feet

Disregard for these categories of restricted content may lead to account termination.